Kathryn SteelyPresident (2017) 
Michael Palumbo, President-Elect (2017) [President: 2017 – 2020]
Hillary Herndon, Secretary (2018)
Michelle Sayles, Treasurer (2018)

Board Members

Ames Asbell (2019)
David Bynog (2017)* by appointment for remainder of Rubenstein term
Allyson Dawkins (2018)
Julie Edwards (2018)
Daphne Gerling (2017)
Elias Goldstein (2018)
Michael Hall (2017)
Chris Hallum, JAVS Editor (2017) 
Andrea Houde (2019)
Allan Lee (2017)
Katrin Meidell (2019)
Dan Sweaney (2019)
Shelly Tramposh (2018)

Board Advisory

Associate Editor, Journal of the American Viola Society
David Bynog

Brian Covington

General Manager
Madeleine Crouch

Advertising Coordinator
Katy Trygstad

AVS Photographer and Historian
Dwight Pounds
Website banner images and Primrose competition images courtesy of Dwight Pounds.