Anti Discrimination Statement

Violists represent a myriad of cultures, identities, and strengths. The American Viola Society (AVS) stands in solidarity with all violists, makers, and composers of viola music—we grow by celebrating our diversity and welcoming members of all identities, abilities, and backgrounds.

We know we have work to do to cultivate an environment where each AVS member feels valued and supported. In order to accomplish this, our intent must transform into action. The American Viola Society commits to:

We’re hard at work implementing a strategic plan that prioritizes diverse leadership on the board, crafts accessible resources for our website, and gives us accountability measures. This includes mentorship opportunities for emerging leaders in viola performance and pedagogy. It means more low-cost or free virtual events. It means holding ourselves to measurable outcomes and changing course when needed.

The AVS actively seeks advice and perspectives from not only our elected board members, but also trusted advisors, our members, and the public. We’re grateful for the energy and expertise of our advisors and community. We also solicit feedback and respond to comments from our members and the public on their use of AVS resources.

We’re committing to publicizing works outside the Western standard repertoire, highlighting emergent and established artists in and outside classical genres, and examining concepts and traditions in Western music that are antithetical to growth.

You’ll be seeing more social media and website content centered on diverse performers and repertoire. Our members can expect more updates on our progress via newsletters and annual meetings. Annual updates will be published in the Journal of the American Viola Society (JAVS) and on the AVS website.