American Viola Project

This page includes select scores for viola by American composers made freely available for the benefit of our members. For compositions after 1922, please note that the copyright remains with the composer or the composer’s estate. Members may download, print, and copy the following pieces for the purposes of study, dissemination, and performance.

Barton, David M.Fandango Pizza Waltz
Behrend, JeanneLamentation for Viola and Piano
Block, FrederickSonata for Viola and Piano, Op. 78
Blood, Blanche Barcarolle
Cobert, BobMusic for Only One Lonely Viola
Three Moods for Two Violas
Crosmer, JonathanAutumn Suite for Solo Viola
Duet in A for Violin and Viola
Enduring Earth and Sky for Viola and Contrabass
Heroic Variations for Violin, Clarinet (or Viola), and Piano
Lullaby in C for Solo Viola
Under the Sun for Viola and Piano
Cutter, BenjaminEine Liebes-Novelle (A Love Story) for Viola and Piano
Duke, JohnSuite for Viola Alone
Etler, AlvinSonata for Viola and Harpsichord: Viola Part
Sonata for Viola and Harpsichord: Harpsichord Part
Foote, ArthurMelody for Viola and Piano, op. 44a
Forsyth, CecilThe Dark Road: For Viola Solo and String Orchestra
Fricker, Peter RacineFantasy for Viola and Piano
Fuerstner, CarlTwo Pieces for Viola and Piano
Gardner, MauriceConcertino for Viola and Chamber Orchestra (Piano Reduction)
Concordia: Sonata for Viola and Piano
Micrologus: Sonata for Viola and Piano
Phantasmagoria for Solo Viola
Sonata No. 4 for Viola and Piano
Suite for Violin and Viola
Tricinium: Sonata for Solo Viola
Variations on The King’s Hunting Jigg for Solo Viola (written under the pseudonym Allesandro Gardano)
Hong, AliceViola Sonata No. 1
Huss, Henry HoldenSonata (Movement) for Viola and Piano
Isenberg, RexDoublet for Two Violas
Kerr, Louise LincolnEtude for Violin and Viola
Klumpkey, JuliaLullaby for Viola and Piano
Kreutzer/VardiKreutzer ’44 (Étude No. 2 with Piano Accompaniment)
Langstroth, IvanViola Suite
Loeffler, Charles MartinQuatre Poëmes: La Cloche Fêlée Op. 5, no. 1
Quatre Poëmes: Dansons la Gigue! Op. 5, no. 2
Quatre Poëmes: Le son du cor s’afflige vers les bois Op. 5, no. 3
Quatre Poëmes: Sérénade Op. 5, no. 4
McLoskey, LansingWild Bells
Meyer, JessicaReleased, for solo viola
Pietsch, Edna FridaAndante Cantabile for Viola and Piano
Porter, QuincyLittle Trio for Flute, Violin, and Viola
Speed Etude
Suite for Viola Alone
Pychowski, J. N.Perpetual Canon for Violin and Viola (1853)
Ream, MichaelRainy Day Dances for Viola and Cello
Suite for Violin and Viola 
Rowen, ClaudiaRowen’s Choice
Slee, FrederickVariations on a Hymn Tune
Scott, StevenOlive the Dog
Tater’s Haircut
Strube, GustavRegrets, for Viola and Piano
Sonata for Viola and piano
Svečenski, Louis25 Technical Exercises for Viola
Thomas, TheodoreDivertissement for Viola and Piano
Urner, Catherine MurphyPetite Suite for Flute and Viola
Weed, KevinNocturne and Scherzo, for viola and organ
Zitterbart, Fidelis, Jr.Sonata No. 2 in G Minor for Viola and Piano
Three Pieces for Viola and Piano