AVS Commissions

The AVS has remained committed to the creation and performance of new music since the organization’s founding. Through international viola congresses, competitions, and chapter events, we have inspired the creation of many new pieces and provided venues for their performance and promotion. In recent years, we have increased funding to support the commissioning of new works by the Society. If you would like to make a donation to help with this initiative, please visit the donation page.

1979: Sonata for Viola and Piano by George Rochberg (co-commission with BYU and friends of William Primrose in honor of Primrose’s 75th birthday). Available for Purchase

1989: Concerto for Viola and Orchestra by Wayne Bohrnstedt (for the 1989 Primrose Competition)

1990: Aria and Allegro, for viola and string orchestra by Richard Lane (for the 1991 Primrose Competition).  Available for Purchase

2000: Shema, for Baritone, Viola obbligato, Cello, and Piano by Maurice Gardner (commissioned by Dwight Pounds for the American Viola Society).  Available at PIVA

2007: Recitative, for viola solo by Scott Slapin (for the 2008 Primrose Competition).  Available for Purchase

2011: Inner Voices, for viola solo by Peter Askim (for the 2011 Primrose Competition).  Available for Purchase

2011: Capricious, for three violas by Scott Slapin.  Available from AVS

2012: Romanza, for four violas, op. 15 by Christopher Lowry. Available from AVS

2015: Doublet for Two Violas by Rex Isenberg.  Available to AVS Members

2016: Rise (and Shine) by Kenji Bunch (for the 2016 American Viola Society Festival) Available for purchase

2017: Violists on the March! by Michael Kimber.  Available from AVS

2018:  Windmills! for Viola Quartet or Viola Ensemble by Garth Knox (for the 2018 AVS Festival)  Available from AVS

2020:  The Immigrant by Christian Colberg (for the 2020 AVS Festival).  Available for Purchase

2022: In This Watershed Moment by Sakari Dixon Vanderveer (for the 2022 AVS Festival & International Viola Congress)