Christina Ebersohl

Christina Ebersohl has been the recipient of numerous prestigious scholarships and acknowledgements, for her performances, her writing, and her service to the music community. A passionate advocate, she also educates institutions on music education for those with disabilities. Inspired by her own experiences as a blind musician, she has spoken at national and international platforms on accessibility and opening doors for musicians with disabilities.

In addition to her performance and advocacy work, Christina is also an LBME, a Licensed Body Mapping Educator. She works directly with students to develop healthy movement practices to prevent injuries and promote long, sustainable careers.

Christina studied under Joel Belgique, Kenji Bunch, and Basil Vendryes. Currently she is pursuing her Doctorate in Viola Performance and Literature at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with Liz Freivogel of the Jupiter Quartet and is the Editor for the Journal of the American Viola Society.