Daphne Gerling

Daphne Gerling, Secretary

Daphne Gerling enjoys an active career teaching, performing, and writing about the viola. She is Assistant Professor of Viola at the University of North Texas, and Secretary of the American Viola Society. As a board member of the AVS, she spearheads collaborations with partner organizations, and was the assistant coordinator of the 2022 American Viola Society Festival and 47th international Viola Congress. In this role she oversaw the AVS’s inaugural Exhibition of Modern Violas and Bows. She also served on the board the International Viola Society, and the Brazilian Viola Society. As a performer and teacher, Daphne’s travels have taken her to 30 universities around the United States, and to 14 countries overseas. She has been a summer fellow at Lincoln Center Education in New York, and performed on baroque viola with the Washington Bach Consort. Her dissertation, “Connecting Histories: Identity and Exoticism in the 1919 Viola Works of Ernest Bloch, Rebecca Clarke and Paul Hindemith (2007) led to her involvement in the 20/19 project. Her upcoming recording release featuring lesser known works by female composers active at the time of the 1919 Coolidge competition. Dr. Gerling studied viola, vocal performance, and historical musicology at Oberlin, CIM, and Rice. Her website is www.daphnegerling.com.