I. AVS Executive Board Nominations
Nominations for the 2022 AVS Board elections are now closed. Please look for our 2023 Call for Nominations in Fall 2022, with nomination materials due by January 31, 2023.

Any AVS member in good standing who is a U. S. citizen and/or U. S. resident is eligible to be nominated.

II. About the Nominations and Election Process – How to Submit a Nomination
Nominees should be highly motivated and prepared for significant service assignments and committee work to further the aims and programs of the society. Committees meet monthly and the full board meets quarterly, and board members are expected to commit to accomplishing concrete goals and objectives that serve the mission of the AVS.

As the AVS implements objectives toward increasing equity and inclusion in the field, these will inform the following goal areas of: fundraising and development; marketing, advertising and vendor relations; community development; and expanding educational offering for violists of all levels and interests.

In keeping with our commitment to serve a diverse constituency of violists and viola enthusiasts, the AVS especially encourages nominations from groups currently underrepresented within its membership, including by race, gender identity, and career focus (such a pre-college, K-12 or Suzuki educators, orchestral violists, and amateur violists). Nominations of individuals with expertise in development, finance, social media/web development, and organizing events (such as festivals and workshops) are also encouraged.

AVS members are encouraged to send recommendations for nominees (self-nominations are allowed), and all nominees must be AVS members. Non-AVS members are encouraged to join or renew their memberships to be eligible to participate in the process.

To submit a nomination or self-nomination, send an email to by January 31, 2022. The email should have the subject “AVS Nominations” and should include the following information:

  • Name of the nominee
  • Email address of the nominee
  • Name of the nominator (if not a self-nomination)
  • Personal statement by the nominee (up to 500 words) to include:
    1. Specific relevant experience (organizational experience, development/other service
    2. Existing AVS initiatives to which you bring special experience
    3. New or unique perspectives you would bring to the AVS
    4. Previous service to the AVS. Nominees are encouraged to consult the information
      provided below about AVS board responsibilities and needs in order to provide specifics
      about how he or she fits these criteria.
  • A bio (up to 100 words)
  • Candidates are strongly encouraged to submit a link (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) of a brief video (max 2 minutes) in which the candidate introduces themselves, shares their vision for the AVS and outlines their relevant skills and experience.

See below for detailed nomination guidelines, eligibility requirements, board responsibilities, and an explanation of the nominations and election process.

Additional questions about the nominations process may be addressed to, while questions about the responsibilities of AVS officers and Executive Board members may be addressed to

III. About Board Service, AVS Board Needs, and Nominations Selection Criteria
As a working board, AVS officers and Executive Board members participate actively in the planning and administration of our many programs, including the following:

  • AVS Scores and Publications
  • David Dalton Viola Research Competition
  • “From the Studio” Blog
  • Journal of the American Viola Society
  • Orchestral Excerpts Competition
  • Primrose International Viola Competition
  • Viola Bank
  • The biennial AVS Viola Festival

The Board is also working on the creation, implementation, and evaluation of several new programs tailored to the changing needs and interests of our membership based on feedback from our recent strategic planning process.

Responsibilities for officers and Executive Board members are as follows:

  • Serve on 2-3 working committees (one committee as chair), involving significant service assignments to administrate AVS programs and support the society’s needs
  • Participate actively in an annual board meeting weekend (either in person or via teleconference service), and in regular teleconference meetings throughout the year (approximately quarterly), with preparation and follow-up work for all meetings
  • Develop familiarity with AVS’s goals, objectives, and programs
  • Assist the board in carrying out its fiduciary responsibilities
  • Support the AVS’s development and membership recruitment efforts, including establishing new programs and resources to attract, support, and retain a diverse membership
  • Serve as ambassadors for the AVS within the musical community, and promote partnerships with sister organizations
  • Participate in ongoing strategic planning and evaluation of AVS programs

The Nominations Committee will consider the following criteria when selecting nominated individuals to appear as candidates on the ballot:

  • Willingness to commit time, contribute meaningfully, and follow through on service assignments
  • Willingness to prepare for, attend, and participate in board meetings
  • Commitment to serving a diverse constituency of violists and viola enthusiasts
  • Ability to work well in groups, including a diplomatic, consensus-building, collegial approach to committee work
  • Experience in leadership positions and/or developing new programs or initiatives
  • Creative approach to problem-solving
  • Reputation for honesty, integrity, and responsibility
  • Professional communication skills befitting public ambassadors for the AVS and for the viola
  • Community-building skills
  • Expertise matching AVS’s organizational needs, such as development, finance, social media/web development

IV. Nominations Committee Contact
If you have questions about the nominations or elections process, or about AVS service, please contact us at

V. Frequently Asked Questions
I don’t know anyone on the AVS board. Am I still a viable candidate?
Yes. The Nominations Committee will evaluate your nomination based on the expertise, skills, and commitment that you can contribute to the organization (see criteria above). It is not necessary to have a personal connection to the board.

I am not a viola professor or orchestral musician—but most of the AVS board members are.
The AVS board is eager to develop programs and resources that serve all violists and viola enthusiasts, including music educators, amateur players, young professionals, composers, viola makers—and even non-violists who are fans of the viola. We actively encourage nominations of individuals who can help us to better serve this broad constituency and to expand our membership base.

Is serving on the AVS board the way to be programmed to perform, teach, or present at a Viola Festival?
The AVS has developed new procedures for a more transparent process for proposing performances, master classes, and presentations at our major gatherings. Stay tuned for more information about our next major gathering at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. It is not necessary to run for the board in order to be programmed at an International Viola Congress or American Viola Festival.

I am interested in board service, but I don’t know anyone who can nominate me.
Self-nominations are welcome and will receive the same consideration as other nominations.

I would like to get involved with AVS (or, I have ideas how I can help with a specific AVS program), but I’m not sure I can commit to all the meetings required for board service.
We would be delighted to hear from you and discuss ways you could get involved with a specific program, committee or event, even without serving on the board. Email AVS President Hillary Herndon ( to discuss your ideas.

What happens if I’m not selected as a candidate on the ballot? Or if I am on the ballot but am not elected? I still want to get involved with AVS activities.
We would love to have your input and help. Contact AVS President Hillary Herndon ( to discuss ways you can get involved, and we hope you will be nominated or self-nominate again at the next election.

Are current AVS Executive Board members eligible to be nominated for an additional term?
Members-at-Large may succeed themselves only for no more than a second term. They are, however, eligible to be nominated for officer positions. For more details, consult the AVS By-Laws.