Shoulder Rests

Shoulder rests are very important part of playing the viola comfortably. In order to maintain the most balanced posture possible, it is necessary to assure that we bring the instrument to us, rather than bringing ourselves to the instrument. Finding the best fitting shoulder rest, along with the most comfortable chin rest, can help the player maintain good playing posture. If you haven’t tried all of the available shoulder rests, it’s a good idea to make your way to a music store that carries as many of them as possible and try them all. Make sure there is a mirror, so you can check what you look like and not rely on only how it feels. If you have been experiencing pain that is due to faulty posture, any change in shoulder rest is likely to feel very different; however, a check in the mirror will let you know if it is an improvement over your previous position. The following list of shoulder rests will help you get started. Please let us know if we have omitted any shoulder rests so that we can make our list as comprehensive as possible.

Widely available shoulder rests – #foam shoulder rest  *currently violin only;

  • viola model soon
  • #AcoustaGrip
  • Artino
  • #Artino Magic Pad
  • Bon Musica
  • Comford
  • Empire
  • Everest
  • #Komfort Kurve foam shoulder rest
  • Kun
  • *Linnd
  • Mach One/Mach One Hook Model
  • Pedi Elegante
  • #Perfect Shoulder Rest foam shoulder rests
  • *Pirastro Korfker Rest
  • Playonair
  • Resonans
  • #Super Sensitive Pad
  • Viva la Musica
  • Wittner Isny Adjustable Shoulder Rest
  • Wolf Forte Primo
  • Wolf Forte Secondo
  • #Xeros Shoulder Cushion

Rests only available in certain places
The Benham Support System (not really a shoulder rest, but a different system of support)
Burton Kaplan’s Shoulder Horn
Happynex viola sling
#The Loft Shop shoulder sponges

#Poly Pads by Michael Kimber
Sure Tone shoulder rest
The Slipper