AVS Youth Advisory Council Applications due July 1!

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AVS Youth Advisory Council Applications due July 1!

The American Viola Society is pleased to announce the search for new AVS Youth Advisory Council (YAC) members to serve June 2024 – May 2025. The YAC is open to students and young professionals between ages 18-26.

The YAC serves as a liaison to the AVS Executive board and provides a student perspective on the impact of AVS issues and projects on aspiring professional violists. The AVS Board invites input from the YAC on attracting and retaining young professionals as members of the AVS. The AVS supports the YAC as it develops and implements new projects that serve the global viola community.

The YAC consists of 6-10 members who serve for 2-year terms. 3-5 new members are selected each year. The YAC meets a minimum of three times (using online video conferencing) each year to discuss and collaborate on collective projects, such as the shared YAC recital, Social Media presence, community outreach, and scholarly development to publish for future students in the Journal of the American Viola Society. The YAC is overseen by an AVS Executive Board member, but is run and directed by the group members themselves.

The YAC chair will be invited to attend AVS online board meetings and annual AVS board meetings as a non-voting member.

To learn more about the AVS Youth Advisory Council, email the current YAC liaison: christina.ebersohl@americanviolasociety.org